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Need Masjid Quba Donation – Zakat should be given on regular basis

The concept of charity is inculcated in every religion of the world and it is considered to be the best of the ways to secure social justice. In Islam, there is accentuated an immense importance on charity and which is why the concept of Zakat has come into play. Zakat is obligatory on every Muslim and one should give alms in charity in order to ensure proper social and economic upliftment of fellow dwellers and to accomplish good deeds. Zakat should be given on regular basis and is a must for those believing in Islam and it is also being inculcated in various other faiths as well.

Sans doubt, social progress largely depends upon when all members of the society would be able to live a self-sufficient life and it also calls upon the fellow dwellers that they do not spend the whole of their wealth on their own self, rather they should be considerate about the well being of their relatives, neighbours and other poor or extremely poor fellows of their surroundings. A true believer is said to be the one with a kind heart and thus should always be devoted to extend a helping hand towards the needy. Finally, as there is a common saying that “Charity begins at home” hence a sincere Muslim would always be helpful and devoted towards helping the needy and economically weak members of his family and society.

We call upon all well of Muslim brothers to feel bountiful and to donate freely to all those needing it, across the social spectrum and we would be a great resource in ensuring that your alms and donations reach out to those earnestly needing it.

Whoever builds a mosque with the intention of seeking Allah's pleasure, Allah will build for him a place in Paradise.

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