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One of the main objectives of this website is to seek donations for the new Mosque project. We wish to raise funds to build a new Masjid Quba at our current location.

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Welcome to Masjid Quba – New Mosque Under Construction

Dear fellow muslims, we feel thrilled to pronounce that a new mosque is under construction at Majhpurwa, Gursahaiganj, Kannauj and hence to meet the growing expenses, there are needed some funds. Hence, since it has been a pious and auspicious task, we call upon all of our fellow muslim brothers and sisters, to please donate whole-heartedly and to contribute in their way towards the final construction of the mosque. The local muslims intend to build a grand mosque so as to facilitate major gatherings such as Friday prayers and Eid prayers and hence to construct a beautiful mosque with grand architectural designs, we call upon you to please extend funds for such a noble purpose. The mosque is slated to be of upto gound floors which would accommodate nearly two hundred of Namazis and as such, sheer peace of mind can be secured easily while offering the Namaz here and one can easily craft his way to glory of life and career success.

Besides, the Quba Mosque is managed by a not-for-profit committee which would be responsible to bear expenses of Imam, Muazzins and to bear other expenses and to look after other needs. All the Muslim brethren are welcome to visit the holy mosque and to join us in offering prayers and to be a part of grand congregational gathering during Ramadan and Eid. Islamic teaching would be imparted during the afternoons to children and there would be inculcated the worth of Islamic way of life and the teaching of Quran of our Holy Prophet, (PBUH).

By the grace of Allah it is a privilege to have you visit our website and developed through Masjid Quba. We hope that you find it useful and informative and trust that this website will perform in some small way to further the aims and traditions of Masjid Quba. Our Masjid is a place of worship for the young or old, man. Muslims are invited here to pray with the congregation and establish strong bonds with Allah.

Masjid Quba is a community based, independent and non-profit organization funding by contributions from the members of our community and online all Muslims. It helps Muslims to live in accordance with the teachings of Islam and to endeavor to establish the way of Islam in all spheres of life.


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Whoever builds a mosque with the intention of seeking Allah's pleasure, Allah will build for him a place in Paradise.

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